Are you ready to unravel the mysteries and save the day? The RED MAD CAT world awaits!
1,000,000 players
Average complexity
30 minutes Play Time
Restriction 13+
We specialize in creating playful, addictive mobile experiences that cater to a wide audience of casual gamers. Our diverse portfolio of games ensures there's something for everyone, from puzzle enthusiasts to strategy aficionados.
Embark on this journey with a seasoned team by your side. In the realm of Hyper-casual games, we bring expertise that will guide you seamlessly through the intricacies of UX, user interface, content creation, and technology. Let us be your compass, ensuring that every facet of your product shines with excellence.
User Acquisition
We specialize in user acquisition, mastering the art of securing top-tier users at cost-effective CPIs. Our expertise extends to fine-tuning campaigns based on essential KPIs such as Retention, ARPU, ROAS, LTV, and beyond. Trust us to elevate your user acquisition strategy to new heights
Data Analysis
As a company driven by data insights, we leverage cutting-edge analytics and attribution platforms to meticulously track the nuanced actions users take within your game. This invaluable data empowers you to gain profound insights into user behavior, enabling precise optimization of your game to align seamlessly with your audience's preferences.
We employ a highly effective Ad mediation platform designed to extract optimal value from your game. This strategic tool ensures that we maximize the returns and benefits derived from the advertising aspects of your game.
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